Eric Gober

Writing tales of the heart


“Far From Texas” is now available from Beaten Track Publishing.

Tyler's been nothing but miserable since he graduated high school. While he slaves all day for crude roughnecks in a parched oilfield, his only real friend is about to escape barren West Texas for a big city college. Without Dillon around, what hope for happiness will Tyler ever have? None that he can see unless he takes the gutsiest chance he's ever taken.

“The writing in this story is absolutely gorgeous… We’re taken from Texas oil fields to California, and I felt like I was seeing it all right through Tyler’s eyes.” Amy Leibowitz -Divine Magazine

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“Twenty Light Years Between Us” is the lead-off story in Age is Just a Number.

An alien encounter… An unfortunate misstep… A lightning fast journey through space… The laws of physics are about to wreak havoc on Walt and Michael’s May-December love.

Praise for “Twenty Light Years Between Us” — “An eerie tale that follows a couple and their third wheel friend who come upon a space ship in 1977. I found this story suspenseful and unique... Highly recommend.” Alpha Book Club

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“Deceptive Histories” appears in Mix 'N' Match.

When Miguel falls for Van, he gets caught in the crosshairs of an angry spirit who cursed Van’s family long ago. Can Miguel and Van break the curse? Or will their lives end in ruin?

5 stars for “Deceptive Histories” — “You can’t help being pulled in from the first sentence.” Rian’s Randomness / Reviews

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“Knowing How He Feels About You” was named among On Top Down Under Book Reviews’ Books of the Year. The story is featured in Three is Not a Crowd.

Three college cheerleaders are bound together by unrequited love, secrets, and lies. That is until dangers on a road trip threaten their lives. Who will survive?

5 stars for “Knowing How He Feels About You” — “I feel like I’m diving into a deep river every time I read something from this author. And it’s not only the rich vocabulary he uses but also the depth he manages to achieve in the narration. This story in particular had the most unexpected twist.” AIly’s Reviews

“Real, raw, and very, very unexpected. Eric’s stories always have something special in them, be it an emotional journey or a good amount of humour. This one however gives us a slice of real life and its darker sides, the ones we tend to gloss over whilst telling a romantic tale.” Frosty’s Book Corner

“Eric Gober is an author who relies on his characters and their story to capture your attention. His characters are always vibrant and three dimensional... Well named, fun and well written, 'Knowing How He Feels About You' is also a bit deeper than the words on the page suggest.” On Top Down Under Book Reviews

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“Issue No. 1” is the opening story in Men in Uniform.

Come to a land where epic battles rage among monsters, superheroes, and a very sexy cop. Love and war are funny business in Hollywood, U.S.A.

5 stars for “Issue No. 1” — “I must commend the editor for selecting this story to go first, as it drew me in, and made me laugh repeatedly.” Joyfully Jay M/M Romance Reviews and More

“This collection contains some outstanding short stories in a category of book where it is hard to find tales that do little more than tickle the fancy.” Sinfully Gay Romance Book Reviews

5 stars for Men in Uniform — “One hot collection of stories.” MM Good Book Reviews

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“Purgatory Pink” appears in Of Heaven and Hell.

A fable with no morals about an angel with desires for the demon who torments him. Will they both burn in hell?

5 stars for Of Heaven and Hell — “A delightful mix of good, evil, and everything in between.” The Novel Approach

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“Out of Order” appears in Stranded.

Rob was the one who got away. Trent stumbles upon him during a trip to San Francisco — right before a deadly earthquake.

“This short story of lost opportunities and unexpected second chances is joyful and entertaining.” Carly’s Book Reviews

“A charming piece of storytelling.” On Top Down Under Book Reviews

5 stars for Stranded — “A fantastic book from the first short to the last short.” multitaskingmomma’s Book Reviews

“All of the stories were emotional, exciting, well written, and sexy... I highly recommend this book.” MM Good Book Reviews

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“Broadway Devils” is featured in Encore.

A geek and his flashy rival. A leading man they both love. A starring role they both want. All’s fair in love and Broadway. May the best diva take it all.

5 stars for "Broadway Devils” — "This was a great read. It was fast paced, entertaining and funny as hell. I had tears rolling down my face from laughing so hard. This is my first read by this author, but it won't be my last!” Bayou Book Junkie

“‘Broadway Devils’... had me giggling at first then down right laughing out loud.” Saguaro Moon Reviews

5 stars for "Broadway Devils” — "The things you can do with a paintball gun!” Bike Book Reviews

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“The Birthday Gift” is the opening tale in A Likely Story.

A sexy and mysterious stranger, a luxurious Las Vegas penthouse, and one very bizarre timepiece — it’s gonna be a birthday Nick will never forget.

“A brilliant collection of short stories.” Rainbow Gold Reviews

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“Strange Propositions” is the lead-off story in Best Gay Romance 2014 edited by Timothy J. Lambert and R.D. Cochrane.

After Trevor ends their long distance relationship, Kenny goes on a date with Nate, a charming Hollywood prop master, who solicits him with a very strange proposition.

“Boys in love are a different breed indeed... West Hollywood sets the scene for young love set against the backdrop of Proposition 8 protests in Eric Gober’s ’Strange Propositions.'” Jim Piechota - Bay Area Reporter

“Gober has created a tale that will make readers smile while showing the importance of stepping out of one’s comfort zone.” Gavin Atlas - Out in Print

“Each of the 15 stories is exceptionally well written, gripping and heart warming. Best Gay Romance 2014 has contributions from some of the best gay writers out there.” Antony Simpson - The Gay UK

“Stories of m/m relationships that range from the sweet evocation of a new romance amidst the craziness of Hollywood ('Strange Propositions' by Eric Gober) to the carnal pleasures of unexpected lovers initiating someone to all kinds of new experiences in the world of make-believe ('The Invincible Theatre' by Felice Picano).” Night Owl Reviews

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“His World” appears in First Time for Everything, an anthology for young adults, edited by Anne Regan.

A.J. dreams of becoming a marine biologist and longs to escape his dreary life as a stable boy on his stepfather’s Arizona ranch. On a trip to LA, his real dad’s new girlfriend introduces A.J. to her nephew, Cory, and A.J. sees the possibility of happiness and an end to his isolation. But A.J. is afraid to come out because of his past, and Cory is just as guarded. If they want a chance together, both young men will have to face their greatest fear.

A+ for "His World” — "A fabulous read. I wanted more.” The BookPushers

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“Far From Texas” also appears in Take a Chance.

“This is a terrific anthology. It was definitely worth taking a chance on.” Divine Magazine

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